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ХАDО® REVITALIZANT EX 120 for automatic transmissions (blister package, tube 9 ml)



REVITALIZANT® EX120 for Automatic Transmissions.

Designed for restoration, repair, and antiwear protection of automatic transmissions (automatic gearboxes).

  • Restores and protects friction metal parts from wear
  • Eliminates surface defects
  • Increases reliability and extends the service life of steering mechanisms
  • Damps extreme loads
  • Protects parts from wear in case of low oil levels

During the treatment of an automatic gearbox, the product forms a ceramic-metal coating on surfaces of its metal parts (gears, bearings, distributors). As a result, the geometry of parts is restored. REVITALIZANT® is universal for all types of automatic transmissions, including Tiptronic®, Steptronic®, CVT, DSG (with wet clutches), etc.

Detailed specifications


  • Add the required amount of REVITALIZANT® into the oil filler neck (opening of the oil dipstick) of the automatic transmission warmed up to the operating temperature.
  • Operate the car in regular mode.

REVITALIZATION® is considered completed after 50 hours of the mechanism operation (1,500 km of run).


A typical sign of the beginning of the REVITALIZATION® process is an improvement in operation of the automatic gearbox (reduced noise, smoother gear shifting) starting from the first kilometers of run after the treatment.

REVITALIZANT® is compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids: Dexron®, Mercon®, Mopar®, CVT, etc. It does not react with them and does not change their viscosity, friction, and other physicochemical properties.

A protective ceramic-metal coating is formed on any operable mechanism; however, if the unit is in critical condition (100% wear rate), it is necessary to replace the damaged parts.


Oil system capacity, L 5-8 9-12 13-15
Number of syringes (8 ml), pcs. 1 2 3
Treatment scheme One stage One stage One stage


9 ml tube in a box, Art. XA 10331_1


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