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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for Diesel Truck for Power Steering


XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck for Power Steering.

Designed for restoration, repair, and antiwear protection of the power steering in trucks and other hydraulic equipment. Innovative two-component product of the new generation combining the advantages of metal conditioner and 3rd generation REVITALIZANT®.

  • Improves pump performance
  • Reduces steering effort
  • Eliminates pump howling caused by wear
  • Increases the operation precision of the power steering already 50–100 km after application
  • Reduces noise and vibration of the hydraulic pump
  • Increases hydraulic pressure
  • Protects parts from wear by low oil levels

Detailed specifications


Dissolve the required amount of the composition in ~150 ml of the used hydraulic fluid warmed up to a temperature of at least +35 °С. Add the resulting mixture into the fluid in the power steering reservoir warmed up to the operating temperature. 2–3 minutes after introducing the mixture, turn the steering wheel for 5 minutes with the engine turned on.

Before using the composition, REPLACE the fluid in the power steering and drive at least 200 km:

  • If the fluid is contaminated (cloudy, changed its original color, etc.);
  • If the fluid has been used for over 40,000 km of run (over 3 years) or its service life is unknown.


A typical sign of beginning of the REVITALIZATION® process is improvement in operation of the steering mechanism (reduction of noise and steering effort, improved performance) starting from the first kilometers of run after the treatment.

The product is intended for use in a hydraulic system with a volume of not more than 5 L.

The protective coating remains active for 100,000 km of run; after that, it is recommended to repeat the treatment.


System capacity, L 3-5 5-10 10-15
Number of 30 ml syringes, pcs. 1 2 3
Treatment scheme One stage


30 ml syringe, Art. ХА 42016


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