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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck for Gearboxes and Reducers


XADO Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck.

Designed for restoration, repair, and antiwear protection of manual transmission units of trucks directly during operation. This innovative two-component product of a new generation combines the advantages of a two-phase metal conditioner and 3rd generation REVITALIZANT®.

  • Restores surfaces of parts and compensates for the ongoing wear
  • Eliminates pits and scratches on operating surfaces
  • Optimizes contact patterns in gear engagements
  • Reduces noise and vibration of assemblies up to ten times
  • Improves lubricating properties of oil and tribological characteristics of the gear mechanism
  • Provides significant fuel economy (especially in four-wheel drive vehicles)
  • Improves gear-shifting precision and synchronizer performance
  • Allows operating transmission units for a long time (up to 1,000 km of run) in case of an emergency oil leakage
  • Can be applied universally in automatic, semi-automatic, and sequential gearboxes, including Direct Shift gearboxes, transfer cases, and axles (differentials)
  • Guarantees antiwear protection of transmission parts for 100,000 km of run

Detailed specifications


  • Introduce the contents of the syringe into the oil filler neck of the transmission, transfer case, or axle gearbox warmed up to the operating temperature.
  • Drive for 3–5 minutes (until the product is completely dissolved in the oil). Afterwards, operate your car in regular mode.
  • One 50 ml syringe is intended for a transmission unit with an oil system capacity of 10 to 25 L.


  • It is not recommended to apply Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck in parts and assemblies of manual transmissions with 100% wear and macromechanical damage (for example, tooth breakage).
  • A typical sign of beginning of the REVITALIZATION® process is noise reduction during the mechanism operation starting from the first kilometers of run after the treatment.
  • Compatible with all types of oils for manual transmission units.
  • REVITALIZATION® occurs within 1,000–1,500 km of run; it is not recommended to change the oil during this period.
  • Repeated application of XADO Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck is recommended after 100,000 km of run.

Metal conditioner with REVITALIZANT® is effective for gasoline, LPG, and diesel engines of cars and light trucks with an oil system volume of up to 25 L.

The protective coating remains active for 100,000 km of run; after that, it is recommended to repeat the treatment.


50 ml syringe, Art. 42017


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